Breakfast supermarket food

Breakfast supermarket food is the easiest and quickest meal to organise. This article covers suggestions and quantities required if you shop once a week.

Fresh fruit is quite obvious when you enter the store. It is usually advisable to eat two pieces of fruit each day, so if your shop is for a week, you will require 14 items. If you like juice it will be in an aisle near soft drinks, or fresh will be found in a fridge.

If you like to make porridge, a box will last at least a week, while cereals like corn flakes, a large box should last a bit more than a week. If you like Weet-Bix, working out how many are in the box and how many you eat each breakfast, will depend on if you buy a large or small box. Much the same if you like an On-the-Go Breakfast Drink which often come in a packet of six, so you might need two packets to get you through seven days (with some left over toward the following week).


Do you use milk on your cereal or in tea or coffee or other use. And what type of milk? Look at all the different milk! Full Cream, Low Fat, Lower Fat, Lowest Fat, and every imaginable additive. But the one thing I would advise with buying milk, find the use-by date on the bottle, work out how long you would like it to last, eg, if today’s date is 14th, and you would like it to last a week, make sure the use-by is 21st or later.

Really, having milk that lasts a week doesn’t seem right, as it shows there must be a lot of preservatives added. Buy one that seems either familiar or sounds what you require. As you use the milk through the following week, take note if it is too creamy, or too watery, then next shopping day can try a different one. When you find one you like, take note of the brand. But with milk and milk products, I advise draining the bottle down the sink after the use-by date has been reached. (Otherwise you might be like me and never let to forget unintentionally serving coffee with sour milk to a guest).


Do you eat bread or toast either for breakfast or other times. Is there a toaster in your house or can you toast in an oven (if one available). There are more types of bread than types of milk! Once again, either look for a familiar packet, or decide if you like white, wholemeal or grain bread. Once that is decided, notice if it is sliced to sandwich or thicker for toast.

If you would like to have fresh sandwiches particularly later in the week, then probably buy more than one loaf while you are shopping for breakfast supermarket food. Any extra loaves put immediately into a freezer. Once frozen you can pull out a few slices as required, and leave the remaining slices frozen. I find butter or margarine spread on frozen bread makes great sandwiches, as the bread thaws by the time other toppings are added, but you must wrap it securely in plastic wrap and if you want to prevent squashing it needs to go into a plastic container.


While still dealing with breakfast, if you intend to eat toast, usually it is topped with butter or margarine. I usually prefer butter, but obviously the choice is up to you. Margarine usually spreads easier on fresh bread than butter.

You might like a jam, vegemite, peanut butter or honey, either for your toast or maybe an easy sandwich. Somewhere near the bread you should locate a section for spreads, possibly the next aisle.

Maybe Salt – Pepper – Tomato Sauce etc.

And while we are talking about toast, would you require eggs and bacon? Oh fair go, we are just starting out! But it is also another option.


Look for eggs first around the edge of the store. Another decision here. Farm Fresh, Barn Laid, Free Range, and probably a few more names. Then what size! For preference I buy only 700grams. Often labelled extra large, they seem right size. I always have eggs in the fridge, but not always bacon, which can be purchased either at the deli or in a plastic packet in a fridge, usually found somewhere near the butter.

Tea or Coffee

Do you drink coffee or tea? If you are happy with instant coffee, it is found in an aisle next to the packets of tea. For both, you will just have to look through for your preference. You will need to search for the type of coffee suitable if you have a coffee machine.

Do you use sugar or other sweetener. Probably look somewhere close to the coffee/tea aisle. Don’t buy icing sugar (it is for making icing sugar), do not buy castor sugar (it is a fine sugar, nothing wrong with it but usually used for making cakes and other sweet cooking). Raw sugar or white refined sugar is probably considered normal. And you will find many types of sweeteners if that is your preference.

While we probably have breakfast covered, you will realise you have in your trolley a lot of items for other meals – and some items might be used for several weeks. Tea – Coffee – Sugar – Butter – Spreads.

Shopping for breakfast supermarket food, the first meal of the day is now organised. Look for Lunch Products and shopping for Dinner in future Posts.