Extra modifications are fun

After a few trips, travellers often modify their caravan with extra hooks and maybe shelves to suit their particular needs. Here are a few items we have altered in our van.

Door towel rail

This has been placed inside the wire door, around midway height. Not intended to hang towels, but from inside as an easy grab point to close the door. Every-so-often the wind blows the door wide open and the towel rail is much closer than the door handle.


Ensuite concertina door

Our ensuite came with a concertina door, which was always a bit of a pest to close. Not long before the door started splitting. We overcame this problem by removing the concertina and replacing with a good old shower curtain attached to the concertina fittings. Very practical.

Extra towel rail under ceiling

Stan also put an towel rail full width of the van a few inches below the ceiling. We can hang damp towels or clothes on coat hangers hooked over the rail. In our van we hang items to one side where they are not in our way. At times it looks a bit like a laundry, but when you live in a van for a few months at a time, you really have to make do wherever possible.


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