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I have always loved gadgets. Gadgets of any kind, be it household, kitchen or computer. Now I am working a lot more with computers, I love discovering Apps. And give me gizmos any day.

But I don’t purchase needlessly. (Stan will disagree!) The older I get and less room I have for storage, the more thought goes into any purchase.

Well, usually

  • Do I really need it? – Maybe
  • Can I continue to live without it? Absolutely
  • Will it make anything in my life easier? Possibly
  • Is there a blank space anywhere in my home that is waiting for it? Not really

While caravanning in 2016 through western New South Wales and Queensland for about eight weeks we had no internet. No internet meant no emails. At that stage we had two ipads (not chipped) and two older Nokia phones. We stupidly left home thinking we could rely on Telstra Air, but soon discovered that may be fine for coastal areas, but not so-called remote towns. Once we reached civilisation (or a Harvey Norman store) we purchased a Wi-Fi 4GX connector, and in came our emails. But pre-paid data is expensive.

Big fee for slow connection

Quite stupid really, paying for internet connection while away from home for several months, and having to purchase extra data. Trying to set-up and run a website is hard work. While connection is usually available, it is soooo slow. But at least we have the connection.

Our first smart phone became a family member late 2016. An ongoing activity now is getting into iphone apps.

One of my passions are kitchenware shops. I’ll admit more often than not I make pick up some little nick-nac. And that doesn’t mean I have every latest appliance on the market. But often little, tiny items seem to be worth trying.

Send us your discoveries

Adding posts to this page will be never-ending. Continue to check back to see if you have missed any items that you should add to your “must have” list.

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Tell us about items you have found that will help others on their internet journey. We can't and won't print all submitted, but don’t be shy, ask for help and we will try and assist.
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