You've looked forward to this time in your life - but you might find it a little bit scary! Here you can find easy hints to make your new life a lot better.

Moving into your first home

Many scenarios can take place when independence finally arrives for you. Unpleasant circumstances may have forced your move, and  often with no outside assistance. Or your parents might have found your new accommodation and helped when the big day came. With these articles we will assume you have found your new home and you are employed.

Furnished or unfurnished

Furnished obviously will be heaps easier, even if you don’t particularly like the decor. Most places will have kitchen cupboards and vanity in the bathroom. Having a fridge, bed, wardrobe, table and chairs, and possibly a couch would be an added bonus. And believe it or not, you can survive without a television until finances afford one.

If all the cupboards look clean, make sure and wipe all surfaces over with a disinfectant. You might just be itching to get things put away, but best to make yourself a cuppa and let it all dry before unpacking. Use the disinfectant in the toilet and wipe over the seat, then pour over the shower base and/or bath to kill off anything nasty.

Moving is very tiring and often stressful, so first on the “To Do” List should be make the bed and then keep it clear of everything. Then you can just go to bed if exhaustion stops your good intentions of putting everything away the first day.

Be ready for work

Make sure you have your work clothes where you can find them, particularly if you have to work the next day. And if you have moved to a new area, leave for work at least 30 minutes early in case any trains, trams, buses don’t arrive when you anticipate.

Advice for grocery shopping

You will find articles on shopping in further pages. Even if you only find one item helpful, it is a start.


Breakfast food found easily in supermarket

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Supermarket aisles navigated with ease

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Finances look much better with thought going into budgeting

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