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but first, about me – 

Jeanette Walker lives in a tin shed

How I came to live in a tin shed –

A big tin shed

I am Jeanette Walker, and here is why I live where I do. We live in Australia, and my husband built an aircraft hangar at Yarrawonga, in country Victoria. It is often referred to as a big tin shed. When we retired mid 2012, we moved as caretakers into our hangar. Our very comfortable home takes up one third of the hangar.

Why on earth retire to an aircraft hangar? Stan, my husband since 1972, and myself at the time were both pilots and owned a microlight aircraft. The hangar was built to follow our passion. Unfortunately Stan’s health forced early retirement, and as a result didn’t allow us to continue flying. Living at an aerodrome enables us to continue enjoying a huge assortment of aircraft.

When we moved into our new, carefree lifestyle, we left our two sons and other family members a three to four hour drive away to the south.

My new journey

Since our retirement, typing and having a purpose for my computer have been missing from my life. Apart from playing croquet and reading novels, browsing Pinterest posts have given me a lot of enjoyment. As a result, the decision was made to be involved and I am excited to have started my journey into the “great unknown”.

Now there are not enough hours in a day because every spare minute is spent studying and implementing setting up this website. Hours have been spent working my way around an unending amount of literature, videos and “how to” instructions. Furthermore, putting the instructions into practice.

Finally, with encouragement from friends, I am well on my way. Most of all, my intentions are getting to know features of Facebook, possibly Twitter and of course how to use Pinterest.

Happily Alone

With Stan’s support I decided to call my website Happily Alone. Yes, sounds stupid for a happily married couple, doesn’t it? When fully up and running, the website will assist anyone, any age, on their own, with everyday tasks.

Stan has lots of information for any person trying to work out how to tackle regular household repairs. DIY projects are very fashionable, but not a lot of coverage on how to safely use and keep tools and general equipment in good working order.

I will provide a lot of insight into daily tasks. Me, who hates housework! Well I hope to give a lot of advice for you to maybe find the easy, less annoying way to tackle a minimum of housework.


After caravanning for a few winter months away from home something else is required to occupy your day. Here is where we mention our newfound interest since retirement – Croquet. If there is a club near you, Golf Croquet is highly recommended. “Exercise Without Realising”. Any age, any fitness level, and no need for a sporting past. You will be welcomed by many soon-to-be friends.

Previous life

Stan’s trade was carpentry and he now loves nothing better than spending his days in his enormous “man cave”. Following a career working with wood, a passionate love affair with his metal lathe constantly leads him into new fields of discovery. 

My life involved the newspaper industry as a typesetter, which with the advent of computers really just meant a glorified typist. But I was a good one, and could sit all day typing at 80-100 words per minute.

Grey Nomads still do housework

Wherever you live and no matter what stage of your life, attention is still required for cooking and housework. Even travelling north during the winter months with hundreds of other caravanning Grey Nomads searching for palm trees, silver sands and sparkling blue water.

Back with a thud, there it is – housework! Particularly in a caravan where you have absolutely no room to move if everything is not put away where it belongs. I will probably add a page to this website giving information as we head north on our next adventure. What really happens on the road in a caravan?

Very happy 

There are heaps of reasons why you are alone. Those who have chosen to be alone are usually very happy and cannot imagine why anyone would seek another relationship.

But maybe you are alone and away from home for the first time to start employment or to further your education. You could be separated by divorce, death, or unfortunately you have become caregiver to your partner. Whatever the reason, you, and only you, are now the chief cook and bottlewasher. Just opening a newly received letter can be terribly overwhelming.

Running a home

And running a home doesn’t just mean plain old cooking and cleaning! It involves budget (as in where does the money come from and where does it go – often quicker than it comes in). Taxation or accountants, shopping, cooking, cleaning, appointments, and everything that involves the behind the scenes smooth running of a home. Doesn’t matter if it is a mansion or a tiny rented one bedroom flat, they are all the same and require upkeep.

Need to talk and plan

At some stage, everyone of us will be on our own. While we don’t like to think about it, let alone talk about it, it is essential to plan for both to be capable of running a house. With that in mind, our Happily Alone website is here to assist, and we will value any suggestions. Therefore every attempt will be made to answer as many readers queries as we can – no matter how minor they may appear.


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