Taking the mystery out of DIY minor home repairs

For all who don't know how to hold a hammer

Here you will be shown lots of information including what a screwdriver is and what you do with it, easy ways to hang your favourite picture, how to change a lightbulb, and more importantly, the repairs that should be left to an expert.



Maintaining household 


Now don’t groan at the words maintenance or DIY and click to another site before you see what we have to offer.

 Are you savvy enough to plug in a computer? Well then you are savvy enough to tighten the screws on the wobbly desk your computer is sitting on! Right? Got your attention? As our Maintenance and DIY Sections will constantly grow, put them on your “Watch” list. And we will get around to explaining how to fix the wobbly computer desk!

Household maintenance

As a retired carpenter, Stan has worked with most building trades. He can explain how you can perform many simple household repairs. DIY projects often don’t give a lot of the basics. Here he will make clear where to start in simple to understand terms.

Drives me crazy

Don’t tell him, but he drives me crazy when occasionally we have stayed overnight in a motel. He finds handles loose on doors, other doors that just need a touch of oil, and taps that require tightening. Instead of sitting back and enjoying the treat of a night away from home, he is out to the car for a screwdriver. I will admit, it does only takes a few minutes while his cup of tea is cooling before he has the room back in good order. That is the thing. It often does just take a few minutes of your time to rectify some normal wear and tear in a home. A little bit of early maintenance avoids the need of calling in professional tradespeople before it becomes a major repair. If you are renting a property, your landlord will love you.

Learning maintenance without realizing

This site is probably aimed at the younger city-bred generation. They often haven’t had the benefit of growing up with a toolshed in the backyard. An older family member has kept a large variety of tools like hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, and so many more.

The same older family member would often be watched by excited children using these tools to build cubby houses or repair bikes and other toys. The children were called on to “pass the hammer” or screwdriver. As they helped with the project of the day, and they became familiar with the toolshed equipment.

  • Can you change a lightbulb?
  • Do you know where to put oil on a squeaky door?
  • Know the names of screwdrivers? You probably thought a screwdriver was a screwdriver, but it might surprise you to learn there are many different types.
  • Can you hang pictures on the walls?

Modern homes and units don’t require a toolshed, but you do need a tool kit that you can take with whenever you move.

But the most expensive, impressive tool kit is not worth a brass razoo unless you know how to use the equipment it holds. It takes just a few minutes occasionally to understand the names and where to use each item.

Then it is time have fun impressing your family and friends with your newfound knowledge.


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Lightbulbs come in many different shapes and sizes

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