Weekends of housework? Not for me!

If you have fallen into the trap of wasting your weekends on housework, fear not, you can recover them for your enjoyment.

In case you missed it, I dislike housework. Just the mere thought of it makes me cringe. But at the same time I realise, unless you have a Fairy Godmother or a housecleaner, you do have to knuckle down and do some. I just hated waking up on Saturday mornings with so much to do I never knew where to start. Then I worked out a secret weapon that has worked really well for me.

Break your housework up into rooms. Then allocate rooms to certain weekdays – not weekends. Here is what worked and still works for me.


Monday – Bedrooms

Whether you are on your own, with spouse, or children still at home.

Even if you have to set an earlier alarm. Strip sheets and pillowslips off bed(s) and set washing going in machine. The plan works best if you have at least two sets of bed linen for every bed. While machine washing, remake bed(s) with fresh linen.

Vacuum the bedrooms after putting away odd pieces of clothing and shoes.

Remove washing from machine and either put onto a clothes line or into a dryer. Remember to fold sheets before putting into the dryer as for some silly reason they do seem to dry quicker. A dry towel into the dryer also assists in drying. I also fold the pillowcases as I rarely use an iron, and once dry you can fold them again before putting away in linen cupboard.

Now you can resume normal Monday activities.

Or if mornings do not suit, set aside Monday night to do the above.

Wednesday – Bathroom and Toilet

Yes, Wednesdays usually means a lighter workload. Vacuum and wash floors. Dust and clean vanity and any shelving. Clean shower cubicle including glass, and all mirrors.

Put a disinfectant in the toilet bowl and use the toilet brush to go over all the surfaces.

I usually pour disinfectant onto a couple of folded sheets of toilet paper and wipe down the seat, underseat, lid and cistern. Don’t forget the outside front and sides of the toilet bowl. The paper can then be discarded into the toilet and flushed away.

Friday – Kitchen and Lounge

Your kitchen and lounge are the rooms mostly used by visitors, and by cleaning them on Friday they are fresh for any weekend visitors. Once again if they are cleaned on Friday morning, you won’t believe how good you will feel arriving home Friday evening knowing all your housework has been done and only the daily clean up is required over the weekend.

In other words, the weekend is yours to do as you please. Take children to their activities, go out as much as you please or just relax at home.

You will realise no-where have I mentioned shopping or clothes washing, which you can to fit into your week as and when required.

I picked Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my weekday housework. Everyone has different schedules to work around and these are the days that suit to leave me with housework free weekends – every weekend.

But really, if you miss out on cleaning for a week or two, it won’t be a disaster. Catch up on it when you can.

Everyday No. 1 Hint

Every morning, and I mean every morning, as your feet hit the floor, turn around and make your bed! Even if your partner is still asleep, pull up sheet, blankets, quilts, whatever, and replace your pillows. By immediately making your bed, you accomplish half your daily housework. And that will give you an amazingly good feeling. Even if you have to leave the bedroom floor littered with clothing and shoes, the immediate impression will be of a made bed.

Do you know anyone doing it tough on their own?

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