Solution for Smelly Socks

Every so often doing housework you might encounter somewhat stinky smelly socks (to put it mildly). You put them through the washing machine, go to hang them on the line, and yuk! Still smelly. Here are some easy solutions you might like to try.

1) Pick up two litres of white vinegar which is usually found in the supermarket near chutney or sauces like tomato. It is reasonably cheap to purchase.

I have found white vinegar called “cleaning vinegar” elsewhere in the supermarket, but it is nearly twice the price of white vinegar. I am yet to discover the difference. Two litres seems a big bottle, but you can use some in every load of washing. Vinegar used in place of a fabric softener seems to keep all clean washing fresher longer.

There are heaps of other areas of the house vinegar can be used, so two litres will be very handy to have in your cupboard.

2) Invest in a packet of Bi-Carbonate Soda – often referred to as Carb Soda, Baking Soda or Bi-Carb. Extremely useful for such a small amount of money. It is usually found somewhere in the cooking section of the supermarket. In Australia packaged in a white box with dark blue writing. You will be surprised how often you will quickly find items on the supermarket shelf just by the colours of the packet.Vinegar and Carb Soda

Now what to do with the Carb Soda and Vinegar?

Throw a handful into the washing machine with your usual wash powder or detergent and clothes (including smelly socks). (A handful is how much you can pour into your cupped hand). If required, a slurp of white Vinegar will do no harm added to the load of washing.

Wash as usual. Unless extremely dirty or smelly socks and clothes where you can use a soak setting if your machine has one. With a soak setting, you can let it run for 30 minutes to an hour. Then (depending on your machines settings) you might have to turn it off to finish the wash load as normal.

Can soak smelly socks

Or you can soak smelly socks and clothes the good old fashioned way – in a bucket. Mix either warm or cold water with the detergent and Carb Soda. Place smelly items into the water and swish around with your hand or a spoon and let it sit for as long as you like. Give it another swish around every so often. Remove your clothes, place into your machine and continue washing as normal.

3) Before starting the wash fill your fabric softener compartment on your washing machine with white Vinegar.

There is no need to use fabric softener, but if you want to always keep your clothes fresh, replace fabric softener with vinegar every wash load. It is a lot cheaper than fabric softener and works equally as well.

Any-time smelly feet

And there is the no-sock smelly feet found in summertime when thongs and sandals are worn.

Simple solution. Wash or wipe clean your thongs. Every time you spray deodorant under arms, spray a little on the surface of your thongs or sandals, or sole of your feet.

Same goes for times you wear socks or stockings. Just give a quick spray on the soles of your feet before dressing.

Simple as that, and you don’t have to buy special foot-deodorant products!