Lunch supermarket shopping

As you walk around the supermarket shopping for lunch products, you need to work around breakfast food already purchased. Therefore you will already have fruit, milk, bread, butter, spreads, eggs, tea or coffee.

No matter your age or sex, remember this is your first pantry shopping, so don’t go overboard on variety – keep it simple.

What do you normally eat for lunch?¬†Many will answer sandwiches. Okay, for now we will go with sandwiches for five days, as these are easy to carry with if you aren’t planning on eating at home. Quick and easy to take to the office, at a worksite or for a picnic while you wait for the fish to bight.

Sandwich lunch products

If you like salad sandwiches you could purchase lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, a sandwich meat from the deli, and maybe salad dressing or tomato sauce or chutney. Any purchases from the deli be careful with the use-by dates, so you might buy enough meat for maybe the first  three days of sandwiches for the week. If you purchase too much meat, you can freeze for next week.

On the night of the third day you could cook enough hard-boiled eggs for the fourth and fifth day. Allow one egg per sandwich, mash the eggs with some salad dressing and finely cut up some lettuce. (See how to Cook Eggs below).

For two days of lunch products each week you could pick up things like – a can of baked beans or spaghetti, make toasted cheese and/or tomato sandwiches, fried eggs. All limited by your budget and your imagination. This is the cheapest way to start off, particularly on a tight budget.

Eating out every day will use up a lot of your money. It might even put you off buying coffee on the way to work when you think it will be say $5 per cup, multiply by five days each week, and suddenly you are spending $25 a week, just on coffee! Take it from home or make it at work, just while you are getting started on living alone.

Breakfast supermarket shopping has now been followed by Lunch and then we will shop for Dinner.


Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

  • Into a saucepan place about 4cm of water.
  • Place eggs into the water.
  • Turn up the heat and bring to the boil. (The water will be rapidly moving and form a lot of bubbles.)
  • Then turn heat down to just simmering. (The water will calm down and fine bubbles will still surround the eggs).
  • Time for approximately 10 minutes. Turn off heat,
  • Drain the hot water down the sink and refill the saucepan with the eggs still in it with cold water. The water in the saucepan will warm from the hot eggs, so you can once again drain the water down the sink, and refill the saucepan with more cold water.
  • The shell can be removed from the eggs once they cool.
  • Or the cooled boiled egg can be placed into your fridge, and used within three days.