Midge and Mosquito bites controlled

Midge and mosquito bites. The thought of these almighty pests send shudders through worldwide travellers and those frequenting Australia’s eastern coastline.

Yes, the remedy found toward the end of this article does prevent the bites

I can however, also offer advice on how to quickly eliminate the itch!

Midge and mosquito itch controlled

Googling for cures comes up with many “tried and true” household remedies. I recently searched with one hand while continually rubbing viciously around my ankle with the other hand. And yes, after reading each suggestion I frantically hunted through the caravan first-aid and assorted kitchen/laundry bottles for any mentioned lotions and potions that I could try.

Mentioned in several suggestions was “shower with water as hot as you can take it”. Another similar was turn your hairdryer on hot and again hold it over your bitten skin “as hot as you can take it”.

While these both helped significantly the itching returned.

Ah ha, why not try!!

A “lightbulb moment” occurred.

And yes, the following worked immediately for me, and then next day for Stan!


Simply hold against the bites, once again “as hot as you can take it”.  Five to 10 minutes probably enough, or until the hotpack cools considerably.

I tried it after I had itched continuously for several days while trying every concoction I could track down. Stan tried it soon after being bitten and in both cases, we haven’t itched since.

My first-aid kit now contains a wheat-filled hotpack and for the times we are camping with no microwave, any other hotpack.

Homemade repellent for both midge and mosquitos

A friend swears by Avon Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil, with a little water added. Can be placed into a spray bottle or just shaken and applied by hand.

A bit of care should be taken not to get too much lotion on your clothing as the oil in the above and the one below might stain.

So here is another recipe for a homemade repellent for you to try. Made by mixing equal parts of

  • Dettol,
  • Baby Oil and
  • Methylated Spirits.

I have tried the above recipe daily for several weeks – AND YES,  IT WORKS!

The smell isn’t super horrible, and the Baby Oil keeps your skin moist. But you do need to apply it two or three times each day, particularly around sunset. And it doesn’t really require a spray bottle, you can just pour a small amount onto your hand and wipe it over the skin you want to protect.

Another easy remedy anyone can try is a skin cream called Sorbolene. Available in a few price ranges, it is usually economical. So not only are you moisturising your skin, but you are adding a protective layer that midges in particular, have trouble penetrating.

Let me know how you get on.

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