Phillips Head or Slot Head screwdriver?

A Phillips Head screwdriver is possibly the most popular of the two most common types of screwdrivers used in Australia. All your gadgets – that have visible screws – will almost always be held together with a Phillips Head screw.

Okay, when you visit your hardware store, what should you purchase? Both! My man, Stan, has a multitude of screwdrivers in his workshop, but I always keep my own set in a kitchen drawer.

My selection

Photographed is my selection and similar will usually be sufficient for most households. The two red handles are quite cleaver as they both have a Slot Head and a Phillips Head. You just remove and rotate for the required head, and you will notice one is longer. Sometimes the screw you need to get to is in a small space so the shorter one is required.


My screwdriver set

These screwdrivers are kept in my kitchen drawer. There is a short one and a long one with interchangeable ends. The set is for finer screws, usually Phillips Head screws, and there are three Allen Keys.

The heads on the set are much smaller and I possibly use them more frequently, mainly for small electrical gadgets. And when I say electrical, mostly working with batteries. But if you do need to tighten a screw on an electrical gadget, MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF ELECTRICITY BEFORE TOUCHING IT.

Allen Key

And of course, who could forget the Allen Key. An Allen Key is usually supplied with flat pack furniture, possibly from IKEA, but they are also available at supermarkets or hardware stores. They also come in many sizes, so I just add any I receive to my collection.

When you look at the head of the screw requiring attention you can tell if a Slot Head or a Phillips Head screwdriver is required. A star shape is usually referring to a Phillips Head, but when you really look at it the shape is more like a cross.

These are a tiny selection of useful screwdrivers for any household, and currently the most commonly used in Australia.

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