Shopping Trolley full of groceries

When you empty your shopping trolley, what will you use to take your groceries home?

It is extremely easy to go through the check-out and then you realise too late each plastic bag weighs several kilograms.

Don’t keep adding items to your supermarket trolley

Particularly if you are on foot, it is easy to keep adding items to a trolley. Milk, juice or cans can be extremely heavy if you have to carry for any distance. Many visit the supermarket daily and pick up just a few items each time. But that may not be possible if you are time-short.

Probably seen as very un-cool but extremely practical is a good old-fashioned shopping cart with two wheels. Maybe they conjure up the image of “little old ladies with blue hair”! The carts pictured are super-cute and very girlie. But they can be found in many colours and some quite masculine.

In our caravan we keep a small, fold-up version of a cart which has two very small wheels. It is great. We can put a lot of heavy shopping in it and just drag it home with the wheels taking all the weight.

When you head to the Supermarket, don’t get carried away and purchase a heap of groceries if you don’t have a car to take your items home.

Stick with your shopping list

Write a list of items you really, really require, and don’t impulse buy. Stick with your list.

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