Supermarket shopping made easy

Being on your own can be fun – or daunting! Here we encourage fun, and aim to rid you of daunting. We will start here with basic supermarket navigation. Other posts will be added to help, but I always welcome any other suggestions.

For a variety of reasons, first time shoppers can find it extremely difficult to find ingredients and prepare simple meals.

A first time cook can be

  • a further education student
  • someone who has moved into their own accommodation
  • been in a long-time relationship where they haven’t been responsible for cooking
  • in a relationship but due to unforeseen circumstances, have now become chief cook and bottle-wash
  • been studying or employed where meals and accommodation provided

Supermarkets are often so full-on it is scary just to go shopping.

We will try and undo thoughts that each meal must be complicated. An amazing amount of cooking shows on the telly have recipes with many ingredients needing Google to find out what they are!

The question must be put forward – why do so many frequent restaurants when they could just as easily eat at home and have a a bit more fun with the savings.

Supermarket shopping

I hate having to do my weekly shop as much, if not more, than most. But over the years I have found if I make a relatively small change in my routine I can still be smiling as I get through the checkout. Hit the supermarket either early morning, or after maybe 8 or 9pm,

Then of course, you have to go home and find a place in your cupboards and fridge for your purchases. If you get stuck into it quickly you will have accomplished one task to cross off your weekly list.

Speaking of lists, how many write a shopping list and then actually remember to take it with? There are several good phone apps for shopping lists. When routinely used you always have your list with you. I personally have never got into the habit of a shopping list. I usually regret not making a list when I have to make an extra trip to the supermarket. Rats! But it’s my own fault.

If you regularly shop at one supermarket, your list can be arranged the same way you make your way around the shop.

Cruise the outside aisles

One way nearly all supermarkets are set out, particularly for those trying to eat healthy. Cruise around the outside of the centre aisles and you can get the usual items. Fruit – vegetables – milk – meat/chicken – eggs – bread.

Ever noticed when you rush into the supermarket to get an extra bottle of milk or loaf of bread, they are kept on shelves nearly always located at the back of the shop? Why oh why can’t they be closer to the front? Think about it! How often on your way in or out do you pick up a chocolate, or an extra packet of chips, or a paper? Supermarkets aren’t silly. They rely on a lot of impulse buys to help their profits. And items you really can do without, cut down on your money left over for fun, but, enjoy those impulse items as long as you are aware of your spending!

Purchases from a few aisles will often be required. Tea, coffee, sugar, flour, canned food, rice, pasta, toiletries to name a few.

In conclusion, none of the above shortcuts matter if you have the time to enjoy browsing. But for the times you are time short, the above hints will always prove invaluable.

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