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Recently while camping an hour drive from the nearest town, I needed to print a document, sign and return by fax.

Now an hour from town really means two hours when you think of one hour to get there and one hour to get home.

My extremely useful cheap laser printer easily printed the emailed document. I was stuck for a method to return the document once printed. Why they required a fax return only was the pain.

Tiny Fax

Hunting through the iphone app store I found a fantastic app that suited. Called Tiny Fax I was able to use my iphone to photograph my document, and then send the photograph to the landline number. And the Tiny Fax app is 100% free. But there is often a catch, and you will find what it is further down this post.

Hard to stop smiling the rest of the day, particularly as I now had an extra two hours on the beach instead of driving!

Finding Apps you can download and use from anywhere you have internet connection is normal for younger generations, but amazing for the older generation.

Emailing is now the norm for all generations. Sending a fax (or facsimile), to a landline has really become old-hat. So much that unless a young person works in an office environment, they often don’t realise a fax machine even exists.

The Catch

Once you are ready to send the document, you will see it requires so many credits to send! Where the heck to you get credits? I cannot remember exactly, but same way you pay for apps you can pay for the required amount of credits. If I worked it out you will have no problem. I purchased more than required for about AU$5. As cheap, if not cheaper, than sending the document from a post office.

In conclusion, I found it easy to use and well worthwhile.

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