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Maybe you left home to

* start further education

* employment opportunities

* separated from a relationship

* separated by death or medical reasons

Whatever the reason, you are now chief cook and bottlewasher.


Alone? At some stage you either have, or will be

How will you manage? Do you ever plan for the day, or even just think about ‘what if.’ By being alone it might be a temporary situation, or it could be by choice. Whatever the reason, there may be some items of your everyday living that you haven’t a clue how to tackle. It could be finance, where to shop, what to shop for or how to tighten a screw on a cupboard door. Lots of things are a mystery to a lot of different people. That is where this Happily Alone website can help you.

I’m extremely fortunate that I have been happily married to Stan since 1972. But we both know and dread the thought that two will become one at some stage during our life. Whether it will be by death or illness, one will be left to either mourn or become carer for the other. Ignoring the fact will not make the situation any easier when it occurs. Some things can be thought through to make living alone a better experience if you give a little time to prepare now for the worst.

Watch for updates on many subjects

Through this website I hope to branch out in various directions to many topics, with all focusing on how cope alone to live comfortably. This is designed to be continually updated with a variety of subjects. You will be given the opportunity to ask for direction or share your experiences.

You will discover various categories as there are so many reasons you are alone, and many more than the few listed above.

I trust you’ll obtain lots of support from these pages.

Plan for happy days

Let’s cut out the sombre note and plan for happy days ahead. Take your time and find your way around many areas in this website. Drop us a note and let us know where we could possibly help you in your situation. Even if we can point you in the right direction where aid can be found.


Don’t be shy, ask for help and we will try and assist